since 2012 namibia CLICK & TRAVEL is based in Swakopmund, Namibia. Birgit Garny and Nina Holtrup combines not only a close friendship but also the dream of owning a tour company to travel in southern Africa. With namibia CLICK & TRAVEL this dream became reality. Young fresh and full of energy they provide exceptional personal service. With their years of experience in tourism, and their passion to travel, the love for this country and the African continent Birgit, Nina  and their team will ensure, not only a memorable but the perfect holiday, that will go beyond any travelers expectations.


Birgit also known as Bibi, is a pure “local brew”, she was born and raised in Namibia. After completing her IT Studies in South Africa, Birgit returned to her hometown Swakopmund. Here she started working in the Tourism Industry, for a well-known tour operator, where she met her now namibia CLICK & TRAVEL business partner Nina. With over 20 years of professional experience in organising tours and incentives, she is a veteran in Namibia’s tourism industry. Her numerous travels throughout Southern Africa has made her a travel expert in this field. At namibia CLICK & TRAVEL she also makes sure that the accounting and payments are correct. Together with her husband René and their two children, Noah and Danielle, Birgit enjoys her life in Swakopmund and exploring Southern Africa to the fullest. Her hobbies are travelling, gardening, and gaining seedlings from various edible fruits. Her favorite travel destination in Namibia is the significant Caprivi where she and her family competes for the victory in the battle of catching the largest tigerfish.


Nina was born in Werne / Westfalen in Germany and was already during her business studies afflicted with the wanderlust travel bug, dreaming of faraway places and adventures. Apart from lengthy stays in New Zealand, Australia and Mexico, holiday travels have always been a major part of Nina's life. 
After completing her studies and working for the online hotel booking service hotel.de Nina and her husband Björn could finally realize their dream of emigrating.
Why Namibia?  No idea! It must have been intuition though, as she soon lost her heart to the beautiful Namibia. While working for a local well-known travel agency, where she met her business partner Birgit, Nina undertook endless excursions and camping tours throughout Namibia and its neighbouring countries, thereby getting to know these regions like the back of her hand.
For Nina and Björn life in Namibia has been enriched by her three daughters – Anna, Lea and Mara – as well as their dogs. In the last couple of years Nina developed euphoric passion towards cycling and no remote area or terrain stays unexplored under her rolling wheels.


Romana (Romi) has been an integral part of the namibia CLICK &TRAVEL family since November 2018. Romi was born in Poland, but spent her childhood in Cologne, followed by some years in hospitality studies in Sylt. Returning to Cologne, Romi gathered a few years’ valuable experience in sales and marketing, as well as event management. During a short trip to Namibia in 2015 she was bitten by the Namibia-bug.  For Romi it was definite – she had to return to Namibia! Hence after her completed studies for event management,  she returned for a  6-month sabbatical.  During which time she not only lost her heart to Namibia, but also met her husband Wotan, with whom she tied the knot in August 2018. Since then Romi lived in Swakopmund with Wotan, his son Dylan, their daughter Savanna and their two dogs. She bakes the best cheese cake in Namibia and, with her sunny character she is our cheerful Cologne native.  Her leisure time is spent best with her daughter, close to nature while on camping trips, walks on the beach or sundowners in Swakopmund's moon landscape.


Steffi is a proud born and bred 4th generation Namibian. She only changes her national loyalty during soccer season because her heart beats for the German national team and hence she will proudly cheer for Germany all the way. Steffi was born in Windhoek and raised in Swakopmund, lived a few years in Windhoek before returning with her two children Max and Isabel to the coast. Numerous weekends are spent on the family farm near the Namib Naukluft Park. Steffi has a big heart and a (very) loud voice and you will normally hear her before seeing her.   With her witty remarks and great sense of humour there is never a dull moment during work hours, but also always great to grab a quick champagne afterwork.


Lena originates from Germany and fell in love with Africa on her previous trips to Tanzania and Namibia. During her stay as volunteer to the project to protect the desert elephants, she finally lost her heart completely - not only to Namibia but also her husband Fabio, a local guide and conservationist in the Damaraland. Lena was also professionally quite busy and got around a lot, she served almost 10 years in an ambulancerescue service and on the side com-pleted her bachelor’s degree in cultural studies and French linguistics, mainly focusing on the intercultural communication and journalism. Even though Lena never worked as an ethnologist, her studies, and the training to become a yoga instructor shaped her abilities consequently to her benefits. Lena is our gluten-free Vegan in the office, and she knows exactly how to tolerate the carnivore mocking’s by her (mainly Namibians) colleagues. Not to forget her loving dog Lotti often honours us with an office visit.


Sabine was born in Omitara, a small settlement eastern to Windhoek. She has been part of the team since February 2022, and with her witty sense of humour she brightens up our office. Sabine lovingly compiles the individual travel documents for our guests. Sabine and Dirk, her husband who loves decorating our office with his beautiful custom woodwork pieces, live in Swakopmund. In her spare time Sabine loves baking cakes and health breads, hence ensuring to the well-being of the Namibia CLICK&TRAVEL family. Sabines favorite travel destination includes Cape Town and Johannesburg, mainly because her three daughters reside in the area. There is never a dull moment with Sabine, she might be chasing mice in the office, cooking, or growing vegetables in her hydroponic garden.


Eugenia is the youngster in our office. She was born in Keetmanhoop, a small town in the southern part of Namibia. With her friendly, tranquil, sharp, and helpful aura she ensures that that her guest’s bookings and concerns are met. Her passion lies in photography as well as beauty and nails. Eugenia likes it relaxed, in her free time she enjoys socializing, going to the beach, playing pool, watching movies or series. Eugenia strives to start her degree in economics and tourism and to continue to evolve. Her life motto is: “Always strive for more, don't stay where you were yesterday, even if means only the smallest improvement. Reach for the stars and aim for the moon”. 


Marion is a Outjo-born country girl and has held the Minister of Finance position of namibia CLICK & TRAVEL since 2017.  Marion is always on the ball!  With her cheerful and quick-witted personality, she dashes through the office, and you can be sure that there is always a remark or comment from her side. Together with Birgit she is keeping a tight rein on the company's finances. Marion lightens up the busy atmosphere in the office with her funny and cheerful manner. Her husband Olaf provides the daily breakfast from the bakery and assists whenever administrative, or daily errands arise.


is our No.1 tour guide. He has accompanied namibia CLICK & TRAVEL right from the beginning, in fact, he had crossed paths with Birgit and Nina through business for a few years before already. By now we are proud to call Axel our friend who will walk with us for a long time yet. In January 2019, after 24 years as independent tour guide Axel decided to entrust his tour company, MAGIC MOMENTS, into our hands. He enriches namibia CLICK & TRAVEL with his immense knowledge and accompanies guests to the most remote places in this beautiful country. With german-austrian roots, Axel was born in Namibia. After school he moved from his home town Swakopmund to Namibia's capital, Windhoek and completed an apprenticeship as a vehicle mechanic. His love for the ocean and nature soon took him back to the coast where he started his career in tourism. Axel knows every (truly every!) corner of Namibia and is an absolute expert in his field. He is fluent in German, English and Afrikaans and an excellent cook on an open fire. When he's not somewhere in the bush, you will find him surfing on Swakopmund's beach or paragliding high above the coast line's dunes. Axel is a one-in-a-million tour guide who will treat you to some down-to-earth magic moments and real adventure.


Wotan is a typical Namibian, born in Otjiwarongo, raised in Windhoek and currently living in Swakopmund.. He speaks Afrikaans, English and German fluently. He first worked in the brewery, then sales, but always felt most comfortable in nature and hence decided a few years ago to turn his passion into a profession. The wild and untouched landscape of the Kaokoveld, is for him the most prestigious area in Namibia. In his spare time he loves to go camping with the Land Rover Defender “Daphne”, our Romi (his wife) and their two children, to discover new places. His daily motto: “A boer maak'n plan!” translated to “An Afrikaans speaking person makes a plan”, so whether it's a flat tyre, a broken axle or you're stuck he will aid to your rescue.  Wotan keeps travelling interesting and you are in for a treat when he prepares his culinary delights from the fire.