paragiding in namibia ...

…means to experience the Namib desert from a bird’s eye perspective. When you see the paragliders hovering in the sky, above the dunes and overlooking the wild Atlantic Ocean, you understand why this sport is becoming more and more popular in Namibia.    

"Take off" - but with the necessary precautions: NCAA (Namibian Civil Aviation Authority) is the main regulatory body controlling all aviation in Namibia.   
By joining the Microlight Association of Namibia (MICAN) and becoming members of ARO (Aviation Recreation Organization) it is possible for paragliders to legally make use of airspace. All legally binding information can be found under the following link    

The Long Beach dune between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay is currently the only area permitted by NCAA where non-motorized paragliding can be practiced legally. There is currently no other area in Namibia where paragliding is officially permitted.

The Long Beach dune is divided into three different take-off and landing zones. According to NCAA only licensed paraglider pilots may make use of the airspace.   The dune can only be reached by a 4x4 vehicle from the B2 between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Access to this dune requires the Dorob National Park permit, which can be obtained from the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT).  Their offices are located in the Bismarck Street, Swakopmund.   
The local representative for more detailed information and site briefing is Axel Gruber (Mobile: +264 81 208 9394 | Email:  
Ideal winds for paragliding is northwest, west- and southwesterly winds. North or south winds are too strong and no upwinds will be generated to promote flying. This is an ideal terrain for practicing ground handling, because there are no obstacles in the area. 

Regarding safety: if bookings are made through namibia CLICK & TRAVEL for accommodation and/or car rentals, you are automatically connected to the EMedRescue24 emergency service, which will transport you to the nearest hospital in the event of an emergency at any time and from any location in Namibia (limit NAD 250,000) . The service includes evacuation from the scene of an accident by ambulance or airplane and admission to hospital (limit NAD 50,000), all other medical care must either be covered by your individual overseas health insurance or paid privately.