...a country that will grab you in a very special way.  A country that will set you on an emotional journey and instill an amazing feeling of freedom.  Namibia – a luxury of open spaces, original landscapes and fascinating wildlife.  Here you will feel Africa – wild, raw, diverse and with an attraction that will leave you breathless.  We lost our heart to Namibia already a long time ago, now it is your turn...




Namibia - WHY?

Is it the spectacular scenery? The amazing wildlife? The unique blend of African and European culture? All these aspects certainly play a prominent role, but we believe that Namibia's specialty lies elsewhere, namely in the absence of people. Namibia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world – and we are proud of this! This makes Namibia not only one of the safest countries, but also ensures that we are blessed with little traffic and low pollution. This allows for wildlife, such as elephants, rhinos and lions to roam free outside national parks.  Namibia probably also has the largest population of cheetahs and leopards worldwide.  45% of the country (equivalent to the size of Germany) are national parks, conservation areas and private game reserves.  Namibia has the power to capture your heart and enchant you with its scenery. Namibia is a luxury of open spaces and a land of contrast. May you also fall in love with this beautiful country…





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