Lüderitz & Sperrgebiet

Lüderitz & Sperrgebiet

Lüderitz is a quirky small town - a bit sleepy, raw, stark and almost odd.  But precisely this is the attraction of Lüderitz.  It is at the mercy of often stormy Atlantic winds, sea fog and occasional sandstorms.  Next to the harsh climate, the water temperatures are usually too cold for swimming, due to the cold Benguela current.  Lüderitz is renowned for its old-world charm and distinctly German colonial architecture.  A worth-wile visit is a trip across the Lüderitz Peninsula to Diaz Point.   The Peninsula is located upstream of the Halifax island inhabited by penguins.  Also worth a visit is the beautiful Agate Beach.  Approximately 10 km east of Lüderitz is Namibia’s most famous ghost town, Kolmanskop.  It was considered the richest town in Africa, but today the crumbling ruins of the ghost town bear little resemblance to its former glory and now sand is the only one occupying the buildings.  The deserted diamond settlement offers spectacular Photo opportunities.  The Namib Desert between the B4 road (Lüderitz – Keetmanshoop) in the North and the Orange River mouth in the south is still a restricted diamond area.





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