Ongula Village Homestead Lodge | Namibia


Location      8km north of Ondangwa, Ovamboland                                            
No of Rooms   4
Price category   simple middle class
Attractions   Nahambale Museum (Olukonda), Tsandi Royal Homestead, Ombalantu Baobab Tree


Brief Description Ongula Village Homestead Lodge:

Ongula Village Homestead Lodge offers an experience like no other in Namibia.  Guests are taken on a cultural journey, exploring traditional Namibian practices, meander through fields of Mahangu (pearl millet), rest next to Makalani palm trees and visit traditional homes encircled by palisade walls. With the aim of discovering the beauty, simplicity and dignity of the traditional village way of life, Ongula invites guests to look beyond the familiar Namibia of dunes, wildlife and vast landscapes.  Here one will discover the Owambo, a cultured people with a history rich in oral, social and visual elements.   Accommodation is provided in traditional Rondawels (round thatched bungalow), offering all the comforts of home with a touch of luxury and attention to details, ensuring comfort amidst the unexplored wilderness and harsh beauty of the surroundings.  Further facilities offered at the lodge include a bar and restaurant, Boma “Open Fire Place” area, pottery making cave, life homestead next to the lodge and a traditional kitchen “Epata”.



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