Dornhügel Guestfarm | Namibia


Location      42km east of Grootfontein on the D2844
No of Rooms   5
Price category   Middle class
Attractions     San (Bushmen), Hoba Meteorite


Brief Description Dornhügel Guestfarm:

Dornhügel Guestfarm offers a unique familial atmosphere and a tasteful ambience to its guests experiencing the fascinating life on a Namibian farm.  The farm is situated in the north of Namibia close to the city of Grootfontein and next to the D2844. You will pass through it on your way to the untouched Bushmanland and the Caprivi region.  The Beyer family has been running the farm “Dornhügel“ since 1904. After Namibia’s independence in 1990, they started welcoming guests on their farm in 1994. Besides practicing cattle breeding, they grew cotton, millet and maize. Today, the farm raises different cattle breeds, Damara sheep and Basotho horses – a traditional horse breed from Lesotho.  The farm is home to a fascinating variety of wild game, which can be discovered on every farm ride with Max – the farmer.  Beside others, giraffes, zebras, kudus, eland antelopes and innumerable warthogs can be seen on Dornhügel. Enjoy a cool sundowner watching the wild game at the waterholes in the evening!



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