Grootberg Lodge | Namibia



Location    90km west of Kamanjab on the Grootberg Pass
No of Rooms
Price category
Middle class


Brief Description Grootberg Lodge:

Grootberg Lodge is a landmark in Namibia for the tourism industry as it is the first middle-market establishment in the country that is 100% owned by the conservancy.

The purpose of the Grootberg Lodge is not only to offer a professional service, great surroundings, extremely good food, well-trained guides and exceptionally good local management but, at the same time, to benefit the local community thanks to the revenues generated by the Lodge.  While sustainability of the Conservancy is a primary objective which the Lodge would contribute towards, there are additional benefits such as increasing direct job opportunities in a poorly developed area; supporting marginal people with projects such as building schools, clinics, creating a community kitchen for the elderly and vulnerable groups and award bursaries to promising pupils with the proceeds of the lodge.  Another important aim of the Lodge is to reduce the animal/human conflict in this community so that the locals will be more tolerant of the lions, cheetahs and elephants and give them a value from a tourism perspective.  The view from the main building with a restaurant, reception and bar, the pool area and the bungalows are just breathtaking. The vastness and beauty of the valley lies the Klip River Lodge literally at your feet.

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